Discovering the Mystical Aegean Islands: Ikaria and Fourni, Greece




Ikaria and Fourni, Greece


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Located in the azure waters of the North Aegean Sea, Ikaria and Fourni are two remarkable Greek islands that offer a delightful getaway for those seeking tranquillity and cultural immersion. These islands are set apart by their enchanting landscapes, rich history, and unique attractions.

The Islands

Ikaria, named after Icarus from Greek mythology who fell into the sea nearby, is a place where time seems to stand still.

Spread across a land area of about 255 square kilometers, Ikaria features picturesque valleys, imposing mountains, and pristine beaches.

The island is home to the famous Radioactive Springs of Ikaria in Agios Kirykos, known for their therapeutic properties, and the ancient thermal baths in Therma, where visitors can enjoy a relaxing soak.

Fourni, on the other hand, is an archipelago of small islets, with the two main inhabited ones being Fourni and Thymaina.

With an area spanning around 45 square kilometers, the island group is renowned for its idyllic fishing villages and untouched natural beauty.

The Aegean Maritime Museum, located in Fourni town, offers a glimpse into the island’s seafaring past, with a collection of nautical artifacts that span centuries.


The history of these islands is equally captivating. Ikaria was inhabited as early as the 7th millennium BC, with numerous archaeological sites testifying to its Neolithic, Classical, and Byzantine past.

Fourni, despite its small size, was an important shipbuilding and commercial hub in antiquity, with numerous shipwrecks discovered in its waters.


As for activities, visitors to Ikaria can explore the Island’s numerous walking trails, while beach lovers can enjoy the sun at Seychelles Beach or Nas Beach.

In Fourni, opportunities for fishing, sailing, and scuba diving abound, providing adventure-seekers with ample excitement.

Ikaria and Fourni, Greece


Ikaria has a population of approximately 8,300 people, most of whom reside in the towns of Agios Kirykos and Evdilos.

Fourni, on the other hand, has a smaller population, with around 2,500 inhabitants spread across its villages.

When to Go

The best time to visit Ikaria and Fourni is from late spring (May) to early autumn (October), when the weather is warm, and the sea is suitable for swimming.

How to Get There

Ikaria can be reached by ferry from Piraeus, the port of Athens, or by plane from Athens International Airport. Fourni is accessible by ferry from Piraeus, Samos, and Ikaria.


Ikaria’s highlights include the Radioactive Springs, the folklore museums in Agios Kirykos and Vrakades, and the beautiful Seychelles Beach.

In Fourni, don’t miss the Aegean Maritime Museum, the traditional fishing village of Kampos, and the breathtaking Psili Ammos Beach.

What You Should Know

Both Ikaria and Fourni are off the beaten path, so prepare for a slower pace of life and less tourist infrastructure than on more popular Greek islands.

English is widely spoken, especially by younger locals and those in the tourism industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What currency is used in Ikaria and Fourni?

Both islands use the Euro (€) as their official currency.

Are Ikaria and Fourni safe for tourists?

Yes, both Ikaria and Fourni are generally safe for tourists, but it’s always wise to take regular travel precautions.

Is it possible to travel between Ikaria and Fourni?

Yes, there are regular ferry connections between the two islands.

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