Kekova Discover The Ancient Wonders




Kekova Discover The Ancient Wonders


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Kekova, a beguiling haven nestled along the southwest coast of Turkey, offers a unique blend of serene natural beauty and rich historical significance that captivates both the adventurous and culturally curious traveler. Also referred to as the Turkish Riviera, Kekova is not a singular island but a small archipelago interspersed with picturesque islands, secluded bays, and turquoise waters, boasting a Mediterranean climate that further accentuates its breathtaking charm.


One of Kekova’s significant features is its Sunken City, remnants of the ancient city of Simena that slid into the sea after a series of catastrophic earthquakes around the 2nd century AD.

Now submerged beneath the crystal-clear waters, the town’s staircases, walls, and foundations are visible to keen-eyed visitors from the comfort of their boats, a sight that effortlessly blends the melancholy of history with the joy of natural beauty.

Simena Castle, located on the hilltop of the Kaleköy village, is another marvel for history enthusiasts.

It provides stunning panoramic views of the Sunken City and the surrounding azure waters, the limestone terraces, and the colorful tapestry of local houses – a view that is certain to impress even the most seasoned travelers.


Outdoor enthusiasts revel in Kekova’s natural endowments, with water-based activities like kayaking, sailing, and diving reigning supreme.

Whether it’s exploring the Sunken City with a kayak or sailing around the archipelago on a traditional wooden gulet, Kekova provides an unparalleled experience.

For diving enthusiasts, the region is a treasure trove of underwater ruins and vibrant marine life, making it a sought-after spot for scuba and snorkeling adventures.


Despite its natural and historical allure, Kekova has managed to retain a small population with Kaleköy, a significant village on the main island, only accessible by boat or footpath, embodying a rural Turkish lifestyle.

The inhabitants are primarily engaged in tourism, fishing, and farming, with a strong sense of community and hospitality that visitors find endearing.

When to Go

April through October is the prime time to visit Kekova, with the Mediterranean climate offering sunny days and warm waters.

However, avoid peak summer months if you’re not fond of crowds.


How to Get There

You can reach Kekova from Antalya or Dalaman airports.

From these airports, you can take a bus or car to Kas or Demre towns and then take a boat to Kekova.


The Sunken City and Simena Castle are the top attractions.

Outdoor activities like kayaking, sailing, and diving also offer unique experiences.

What You Should Know

While Kekova is a peaceful and laid-back destination, it’s crucial to respect the local culture and environment.

Also, swimming is prohibited in the Sunken City area to protect the ruins.


Can you swim in the Sunken City of Kekova?

No, swimming is prohibited in the Sunken City area to protect the archaeological site.

How do I explore the Sunken City?

You can explore the Sunken City by taking a glass-bottom boat tour or kayaking tour from Kas or Ucagiz.

Is Kekova a good place for families?

Absolutely! Kekova offers numerous family-friendly activities, and the peaceful atmosphere makes it a great family destination.

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