North Bimini: The Bahamas’ Hidden Gem




North Bimini: The Bahamas' Hidden Gem


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Located in the Western part of the Bahamas, North Bimini is the northernmost island of the Bimini group, promising a spectacular Caribbean experience to its visitors. Distinguished by its enchanting geography, rich history, and assortment of activities, North Bimini stands as a testament to the unique allure of the Bahamas.


The island boasts a terrain highlighted by a unique blend of tropical flora and pristine beaches.

With stretches of white sandy shores graced by the turquoise Atlantic Ocean, it offers unparalleled scenic beauty.

Adding to its geographical features are several mangroves and saltwater ponds, which lend an air of untouched nature to this picturesque location.


Historically, North Bimini is steeped in intrigue and legends.

It has long been suggested that this island was part of the lost city of Atlantis, with some claiming that underwater rock formations off the coast are remnants of this mythical civilization.

The island is also known as the final stop of the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

This storied past coupled with the tranquil island vibes makes North Bimini a compelling destination.


When it comes to attractions, North Bimini is home to an array of spots that captivate visitors.

The renowned Shark Mound is a remarkable underwater site with natural limestone formations.

Here, divers are often treated to sightings of nurse sharks and other exotic marine life.


For history aficionados, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial stands as a landmark of historical significance.

It commemorates the time when the renowned civil rights leader composed portions of his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech on the island.

North Bimini: The Bahamas' Hidden Gem


Fishing, snorkeling, and diving are among the most popular activities in North Bimini.

The island’s prime location in the heart of the Atlantic makes it a hotspot for big game fishing, while its clear waters and diverse marine life make for spectacular diving and snorkeling experiences.


While small, the population of North Bimini is vibrant and welcoming. As of 2022, the island is home to approximately 2000 residents who are known for their warm hospitality.

When to Go

The Bahamas enjoys warm weather all year round, but the peak tourist season in North Bimini is between December and April, when the weather is at its most pleasant and the chances of rainfall are minimal.

How to Get There

North Bimini is well-connected by both sea and air. Regular flights operate from Miami and Fort Lauderdale to the South Bimini Airport.

From there, a quick ferry ride will take you to North Bimini. Alternatively, you can also take a ferry directly from Miami.


North Bimini offers numerous highlights such as the SS Sapona shipwreck, a popular dive site, and Radio Beach, known for its tranquil beauty.

Don’t miss out on the Bimini Road, an underwater rock formation that has sparked the Atlantis legends.

What You Should Know

While English is the official language, you’ll hear a unique dialect with African, English, and other influences.

US dollars are accepted along with the Bahamian dollar. The island operates on Eastern Standard Time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to travel to North Bimini?

Yes, North Bimini is generally considered safe for tourists, but as with any travel, standard precautions should be taken.

Do I need a visa to visit North Bimini?

For most visitors, a passport valid for six months beyond the date of entry is required.
Visa requirements vary by country, so it’s recommended to check with your local Bahamian embassy or consulate.

Is there WiFi on the island?

Yes, most hotels and restaurants in North Bimini offer WiFi, although the speed and reliability can vary.

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