Spetses: The Jewel of the Saronic Gulf




Spetses: The Jewel of the Saronic Gulf


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The idyllic Greek island of Spetses, nestled in the Saronic Gulf, is a magnificent blend of natural beauty, rich history, and Greek culture. Defined by turquoise blue waters, lush landscapes, and charming architecture, Spetses is a timeless retreat that offers a unique Greek experience.


Spetses’ geography is marked by diverse landscapes.

From the beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters to the hilly terrain decorated with pine trees, the island’s nature provides a captivating backdrop for your adventures.

Notably, Agia Marina, a popular beach, showcases the island’s beauty, lined with pines that gently lean into the sea, the perfect blend of green and blue.

The architecture in Spetses mirrors the classic Greek style seen in postcards.

Narrow, cobbled streets wind between traditional white houses with blue doors and windows, while several neo-classical mansions hint at the island’s affluent past.

One of these mansions, the House of Bouboulina, has been transformed into a museum, celebrating the life of the female warrior Laskarina Bouboulina, a hero of the Greek Revolution.


Spetses’ history is intrinsically connected to the Greek Revolution of 1821, with many significant events taking place on the island.

It was one of the first areas to raise the flag of the revolution, and its naval forces played a crucial role in fighting the Ottoman Empire.

This fascinating history is on display at the Spetses Museum, housed in a 200-year-old mansion, which offers a compelling narrative of the island’s past.


As for activities, Spetses boasts a variety of options for travelers.

Horse-drawn carriage rides through the island’s capital, also called Spetses, offer a unique way to explore the place.

For the more active traveler, hiking trails leading to remote beaches and historical sites provide a different perspective on the island’s beauty.

Spetses: The Jewel of the Saronic Gulf


Spetses has a small year-round population, which provides the island with a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

This local community significantly expands during the summer months, as tourists from around the world flock to experience its charm.

When to Go

The best time to visit Spetses is between April and October, when the weather is warm, and all services on the island are fully operational.

However, if you want to avoid the peak tourist season and enjoy a quieter time on the island, May-June and September-October are recommended.

How to Get There

Spetses is accessible via ferry or hydrofoil from Athens’ Piraeus port.

The journey lasts approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the type of vessel.

Please note that the island prohibits private cars, preserving its serene and slow-paced atmosphere.


Key highlights of Spetses include the Bouboulina Museum, the Old Harbor, and the annual Armata Festival held in September, celebrating the island’s maritime history.

Additionally, the numerous beaches offer fantastic opportunities for swimming and sunbathing.

Spetses: The Jewel of the Saronic Gulf

What You Should Know

The island maintains a ban on private cars to maintain its tranquil environment.

However, public transportation, taxis, bicycles, and even horse-drawn carriages are readily available.

Lastly, the local populace is friendly and welcoming, with many able to communicate in English.


Are there ATMs available on the island?

Yes, there are several ATMs available in the main town of Spetses.

Is it easy to get around Spetses on foot?

Yes, Spetses is relatively small, and its main attractions are easily reachable on foot.

Are there any direct flights to Spetses?

No, Spetses does not have an airport. The closest is Athens International Airport. From there, you can travel to Piraeus Port and catch a ferry or hydrofoil to Spetses.

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